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Builder of collective and private pools since 1997

The construction of a swimming pool on the property, improves the value of your heritage.
We offer all our know-how and tips to carry out any project.
From the excavation to the coronation around the pool, we are at your disposal to study the best method according to your expectations and the possibility of execution.

Extreme Accuracy when installing - Quick installation time

We meet the tolerances required by international standards

Adaptability to any pool design whether public or private.

Sealing guarantee
The guarantee is ten-year for the waterproofing of all our works whether it be a renovation or a new construction of swimming pools.

Renovation of a swimming pool with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN

My Opinion Always Represent My Personality.

The armed membrane for swimming pools

The armed membrane for swimming pools, is the perfect solution for the coating of the pool.

The 150/100th armed PVC is the best waterproofing system for the basin thanks to its secure, simple and economical installation.

The most used pavement in the world for new construction and renovation of swimming pools.

A wide range of coatings and options, which adapt to your aesthetic desires but also to the most technical requirements of resistance and durability.



Economics And Management

Description of Works


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The armed membrane

The armed membrane or armed liner is manufactured to the standard ONE EN 15836-2. satisfactorily surpassing the most demanding quality tests.
Very resistant to cold (freeze), corrosion, tearing, punching or heavy use (many collective pools are equipped).
Installation simple and fast because it does not require heavy or complicated work.
Allows colors, textures to be assembled and easily replaced.
Frequently used in concrete pool renovations with waterproofing problems.
Great versatility. Fits all pool shapes, including transformed or complex pools, with chutes, stairs, submerged beaches, buffer tray, etc.
Supports the water heated to more than 28oC all year round, including indoor swimming pools.
Easy maintenance via robot, broom, sponge for water line. And all the easier, if he received an antifungal and antibacterial treatment during its manufacture. Economical, or in all …

Can be installed without wrinkles or creases.

Makes it easy to pose on stairs and intricate shapes.

The coating is enriched with 1.5 mm polyester, ensuring the strength of your pool.

Accidental damage can be repaired easily and by professionals throughout the life of the membrane.

Several years later, you can add an unplanned staircase, lengthen the pool, or change the headband to the top.

Helps secure stairs. It is mandatory in a public swimming pool in the small bath. (See Standard NFT54-804)


We offer the most complete range , regardless of the size , shape and size of your pool